Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonder Girls/2PM Tour Concert

Late post :P
June 9th 2010, was the Wonder Girls concert at "House of Blues" in downtown at 7PM. 2PM opened for them with about 5 of their best songs: Heartbeat, 10 out of 10, Again and Again, etc.

I recorded a lot of this concert, they're going to be on my Facebook :)

Then Wonder Girls came out! w00t w00t!
Yubin was super HOT with her red hair! @_@ dsjfhaskfha
Sohee was even cuter in person >.< dfjhaskjf

Wonder Girls sang their "I Love You" song that was written by Sunmi, i believe

ENCORE! where Wonder GIrls sang Nobody again in normal version, not acoustic

Concert Tour merchandise/souvenir 

Clips of concert in my facebook***

Kevin Liu :)

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