Friday, June 4, 2010

New Toy: Nikon SLR D5000DX

After long search for the Nikon D5000, I finally found it at Best Buy.

I also had to buy a 4GB PNY card b/c I was told the normal Sandisks for digital cameras can really hold that much, so I got it. It was pretty cheap too: $13 and holds up to 1,000+ pictures, 100 min video, 60 min HD video. The total cost came up to be around $825 (ew tax).

So here are some sample pics I took at our restaurant :)

Good for a n00bie?! I shall bring it to the Dulles Graduation 2010 tomorrow :)
p.s. I assume better quality if you clicked on it :)

Kevin Liu :D

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