Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonder Girls/2PM Tour Concert

Late post :P
June 9th 2010, was the Wonder Girls concert at "House of Blues" in downtown at 7PM. 2PM opened for them with about 5 of their best songs: Heartbeat, 10 out of 10, Again and Again, etc.

I recorded a lot of this concert, they're going to be on my Facebook :)

Then Wonder Girls came out! w00t w00t!
Yubin was super HOT with her red hair! @_@ dsjfhaskfha
Sohee was even cuter in person >.< dfjhaskjf

Wonder Girls sang their "I Love You" song that was written by Sunmi, i believe

ENCORE! where Wonder GIrls sang Nobody again in normal version, not acoustic

Concert Tour merchandise/souvenir 

Clips of concert in my facebook***

Kevin Liu :)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mondays with Jeremy

Erin came over today and she owed me a photoshoot.
So we did the photoshoot with the outfit I wore to the

I told her this is the basic frame I wanted :P

Final product!  -->[the look] <--
Comment, HYPE, Heart it<3. Make me happy :D

Kevin Liu

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hobby Lobby之旅 & Wonder Girls shirt making

June 05, 2010

"Sally sells seashells by the seashore"

Muslim Doll!


Getting down to business...

Poreotix, Dumbo style
Erin making her stencil for her Wonder Girls logo

somewhat Jeremy Scott inspired :P

somewhat Jeremy Scott inspired :P
Paulina and Catherine helped a lot of mine :)
Thanks, guys

Still need to go finish it on Tuesday with some finishing designs and touches :P

Kevin Liu

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Dulles High School Graduation Ceremony: Class of 2010

June 05, 2010

My outfit to the graduation ceremony which was held at the Toyota Center. 

Shirt: Self-made (Kevin Liu original)
Brooches: Kaikai Kiki (Flower) by Takashi Murakami / 
Self-made LEGO Broken Heart
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Jeremy Scott x Adidas O by O silver 3 tongue Loafers

Cindy Huang, Jennifer Eng, Monica Lee; congratz guyss
Nina Li- my only picture with her and it's so blurry >.<

Zoe Ratilla, I will miss you ;'(

someone's smoking.

Lunch at Dim Sum King :)
all on me

Drinks at Teahouse

Jasmine Tea with cream tapioca :)
noticed I had to enhance the shoulders from sliding down from the weight >.<

Fun day, Sad day...

Kevin Liu

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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Toy: Nikon SLR D5000DX

After long search for the Nikon D5000, I finally found it at Best Buy.

I also had to buy a 4GB PNY card b/c I was told the normal Sandisks for digital cameras can really hold that much, so I got it. It was pretty cheap too: $13 and holds up to 1,000+ pictures, 100 min video, 60 min HD video. The total cost came up to be around $825 (ew tax).

So here are some sample pics I took at our restaurant :)

Good for a n00bie?! I shall bring it to the Dulles Graduation 2010 tomorrow :)
p.s. I assume better quality if you clicked on it :)

Kevin Liu :D

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Arrival: Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Yesterday (June 02, 2010), I finally received my Jeremy Scott x Adidas 3 tongue silver low loafers :)
Special thanks to Patrick and Mateo @ Base World in Miami, Florida for helping me out with the purchase and such.

something I put together really fast

I also wore them to school today (last day of school), even though it was raining >.<
but no worry they're primarily patent leather.

I think I got a couple of pictures throughout school today, I'll post them up later...maybe

Kevin "officially a JUNIOR" Liu
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