Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My 1st Original Piece... kind of

I have comeback with an original piece I've designed and made :) YAY!
It's an upgrade on an old shirt, which some parts had been damaged by the wash. So what's more fun that making something out of... almost nothing :)

GO GREEN right? haha

Start: May 21, 2010
End:May 24, 2010

Material: Studs, Spikes 


I'm so proud of myself; even though parts weren't as clean stitched and studded as I wanted it to be. Oh well, first time using studs and spikes :P Sucks that the material to make it as like "dshfaksldhf >.< "
I might remake this during the summer, if i can find the fund. :P 
I plan to wear this to the Dulles 2010 graduation, if I can find a ride to it, that is....
with a new pair of:

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