Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday to....

MOI! ☻
however I was born in China, so technically my American birthday is May 5th, 1994; but my birth certificate says otherwise. So let's embark on this journey into replying to everyone's birthday wishes and gifts because it's virtually impossible to do so on facebook or hiknow. :)

SO here's my reply to you all :D

Em-mu-lay Xiong:

Emily promised a cake with a combination of Mickey Mouse and shoes, but unfortunately I got about a dozen of cup cakes and you really hard ones. I was told by Shirley that they were ?fonded? like cake toppings. Emily, if you want to take justice, HOLLER! 
Review on your baking, Emily: it was pretty good, except the 2 hard ones are kinda "alien"

the icing was like POOPies :) but after a long day and tipping of cupcakes. TADA! this happened :|

this is primarily for Shirley, who was so intrigued by this :P

From Erin Paige Lew <-exposed, no? :)

formerly supposed to be a life size shoe, but she destroyed it u_u
i still think this was cool, how made presents are always WONDERFUL!

and also the famous poster! always a wonderful addition to my bedroom! :D
includes the favs: JEREMY SCOTTT!!!, Kpop hiknows, lookbookers, and ME :D


an Avocado peeler which also works on various types of fruits and veges :D

Special thanks to the nearly 200 birthday wishes <3
also thanks to:
Zoe Ratilla for the generous $1 gift when I asked for it, even though I was just joking (maybe).
Ford for the Oreos? :P
CINDY HUANG, who is going to dedicate a dance video to me! 

...and Peter Feng was suppose to give me $1.50 because he forgot to and he promised me when he thought he beasted on the chemistry test :D

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my other May 6th birthday twins...
Donna Pham, Will Feder, Anthony Mu, Tina Yang, and many others I can not recall at this moment :D

I feel blessed as a mug (as black people would say)! :D

...and on a different note: my fine line of lego accessories will debut on ebay under the seller name of Liullas either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned :D


Kevin "sweet 16th" Liu :D

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  1. Awee, so special *o*
    i didn't know you were turning 16,
    it would've bought you sumthing -.-
    well, :D
    at least i know yu enjoyed my website.
    hehehehe >:D