Sunday, May 2, 2010

Basketball Banquet

So I gotta catch up on blogging. On April 21, 2010, there was a basketball banquet. It was just a simple dinner. Then a speech (can't find a better word for that) from our head coach, Coach Carrabine. Good thing he didn't expose our sophomore team for losing every single game. LULZ...

just the outfit I wore...

Shirt: my mother's XD
Tie: from Erin <3 X-Mas present
Pants: Levi's (don't actually have a pair of slacks that fit x.x)
Shoes: Pierre Hardy Perspective Cubes

Gotta love the Pierre Hardy's. I just love the multi use of it, you can use it as a sneaker or a causal, yet sophisticated pair of shoes.

Kevin Liu

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