Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My 1st Original Piece... kind of

I have comeback with an original piece I've designed and made :) YAY!
It's an upgrade on an old shirt, which some parts had been damaged by the wash. So what's more fun that making something out of... almost nothing :)

GO GREEN right? haha

Start: May 21, 2010
End:May 24, 2010

Material: Studs, Spikes 


I'm so proud of myself; even though parts weren't as clean stitched and studded as I wanted it to be. Oh well, first time using studs and spikes :P Sucks that the material to make it as like "dshfaksldhf >.< "
I might remake this during the summer, if i can find the fund. :P 
I plan to wear this to the Dulles 2010 graduation, if I can find a ride to it, that is....
with a new pair of:

-Kevin Liu 

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

When I celebrate my 16th birthday...

kinda celebrated with Erin. We watched AVATAR! :D

and Erin got new "con inspired" heels which I don't know why she brought
^LAWLZ^ / Jeremy Scott meets Con heels :)

 She brought me my presents I bought myself ( story of my life).

my new Jeremy Scott wings and tank top :D

...and we did a really quick photoshoot before she left :D
which became this lookbook:

Kevin Liu

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday to....

MOI! ☻
however I was born in China, so technically my American birthday is May 5th, 1994; but my birth certificate says otherwise. So let's embark on this journey into replying to everyone's birthday wishes and gifts because it's virtually impossible to do so on facebook or hiknow. :)

SO here's my reply to you all :D

Em-mu-lay Xiong:

Emily promised a cake with a combination of Mickey Mouse and shoes, but unfortunately I got about a dozen of cup cakes and you really hard ones. I was told by Shirley that they were ?fonded? like cake toppings. Emily, if you want to take justice, HOLLER! 
Review on your baking, Emily: it was pretty good, except the 2 hard ones are kinda "alien"

the icing was like POOPies :) but after a long day and tipping of cupcakes. TADA! this happened :|

this is primarily for Shirley, who was so intrigued by this :P

From Erin Paige Lew <-exposed, no? :)

formerly supposed to be a life size shoe, but she destroyed it u_u
i still think this was cool, how made presents are always WONDERFUL!

and also the famous poster! always a wonderful addition to my bedroom! :D
includes the favs: JEREMY SCOTTT!!!, Kpop hiknows, lookbookers, and ME :D


an Avocado peeler which also works on various types of fruits and veges :D

Special thanks to the nearly 200 birthday wishes <3
also thanks to:
Zoe Ratilla for the generous $1 gift when I asked for it, even though I was just joking (maybe).
Ford for the Oreos? :P
CINDY HUANG, who is going to dedicate a dance video to me! 

...and Peter Feng was suppose to give me $1.50 because he forgot to and he promised me when he thought he beasted on the chemistry test :D

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my other May 6th birthday twins...
Donna Pham, Will Feder, Anthony Mu, Tina Yang, and many others I can not recall at this moment :D

I feel blessed as a mug (as black people would say)! :D

...and on a different note: my fine line of lego accessories will debut on ebay under the seller name of Liullas either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned :D


Kevin "sweet 16th" Liu :D

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Monday, May 3, 2010

G Dragon-She's Gone MV


His MV's never seize to amaze me! Now "She's Gone" is made into a music video, GD plays as psycho killer. I'm guessing killing because of love? :P


Agree with the comment, he DOES make smoking look sexy

pretty actress, no?

self-reflection x.x
~Crime Scene~

Kevin Liu

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Sunday, May 2, 2010


I forgot to blog this, so since I'm trying to catch up with blogging, hurr it be. I believe April 8, I found out the Wonder Girls were coming to America with 2PM and 2AM for a US tour. So the next day, Erin bought tickets for us and her cousins :) WOO!
So the concert is scheduled on JUNE 9TH, 2010!!!

I can't wait until the Wonder Girls sing to my heart's content :D

...can't forget 2PM's opening act also :DDD 

My personal goal is to see cutie SOHEE!!!

Kevin Liu

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Basketball Banquet

So I gotta catch up on blogging. On April 21, 2010, there was a basketball banquet. It was just a simple dinner. Then a speech (can't find a better word for that) from our head coach, Coach Carrabine. Good thing he didn't expose our sophomore team for losing every single game. LULZ...

just the outfit I wore...

Shirt: my mother's XD
Tie: from Erin <3 X-Mas present
Pants: Levi's (don't actually have a pair of slacks that fit x.x)
Shoes: Pierre Hardy Perspective Cubes

Gotta love the Pierre Hardy's. I just love the multi use of it, you can use it as a sneaker or a causal, yet sophisticated pair of shoes.

Kevin Liu

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Leopard Fever

I've already been crushing on leopard prints for awhile. It's such an underrated print that's so sophisticated and cool. Lately, many items made with leopard prints have been pointing out.

Warning: contains pics of things using leopard pattern/spots, this applies to the "Animal Activists" out there.

I don't get why this is so frown upon, since it's not real leopard X.X
It's just made with dyed pony or horse mane hair. ANYhiknows....

John Galliano


Acne Desert Boots

Acne Moccasin 

Diet Butcher Slim Skin

Adidas x Kazuki vulcanized boot


Kevin Liu

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